Easy NWEA MAP Import and Export from PowerSchool

This content is from Douglas Sirkka, Educational Technology Coordinator and PowerSchool Administrator from St. Mary’s International School. You can download the PowerSchool Export Template File Here: MAPExportMap Or Copy the code below and make your own: TITLE CONTENTS School Name ^(decode;^([schools]name);<<your school names here>> Instructor Last [Read More]

UPDATE: PowerSchool Conference 2017

Dear PowerSchool Users, Done with your registration? Planning your Jeju Island trip? Here are some tips you can follow to make your stay worthwhile. Book early at or visit Maison Glad Hotel’s booking website for a discounted hotel rate. You may also book at [Read More]

PS 10.X Minimum System Requirements

It would be nice for PS to publish this information openly so its easier to find and I don’t have to login to find certain information that’s easy to find. Here’s recommended hardware specifications: You can find it on PowerSource, but I need it for [Read More]

PowerSchool 8.x End-of-Life

I just got this email. We’re still on 8.3 and we plan on upgrading to 9.x for the next school year. What about you? Dear Valued PowerSchool Customer, This letter serves as a formal notice of the end of product life cycle for all versions [Read More]

PowerSchool YearID Reference Guide

I don’t know why PowerSchool uses 2600 for the 2016-2017 school year, but after making this chart I see a pattern. It’s annoying to try to remember which yearID so I made a reference sheet good for a decade. PS YearID Starting School Year Ending [Read More]