PSUG Asia 2016 – Save the Date!

Due to insistent public demand we will need to move the date of our PSUG Asia Conference to April 13-15, 2016! Save the Date for the 6th Annual PowerSchool Users Group Asia Conference Location: Bangkok, Thailand Date: April 13-15, 2016 Don’t miss the chance to [Read More]

PowerSchool 9.1.1 is Now Available

Now that PowerSchool 9 has been out for a while and a lot of the bugs from the next major revision has been caught hopefully. I will be upgrading our PowerSchool installation from 8.1 to 9.1.1. PowerSchool 9.1.1 is now available for download from PowerSource. For [Read More]

PSUG Asia 2015 Conference Review

Thank you for attending the 5th Annual PSUG Asia Conference in Shanghai, China. We hope you learned a lot of great things to implement at your own schools. Presentations Many participants requested the powerpoint presentations of our presenters. We’ll be updating it as we get them. [Read More]

PowerSchool 8.2 is Now Available

I’ve updated to 8.1.1 earlier than normal because I was trying to track down a bug that was happening in my system. Pearson Tech Support recommended that I upgrade to the latest version in order to see if the bug has been fixed in the [Read More]

PowerSchool 8.0 is Now Available

I would wait maybe a couple of weeks after school starts to install to make sure there are no major bugs. If you want to upgrade don’t forget the database update too. I made the mistake of upgrading to 7.11 too early over winter break [Read More]

PowerSchool 8.0 is Coming Soon!

When upgrading to 8 over the summer remember to do the database upgrade first. Or you’re going to be on the phone a lot with Pearson Technical Support. PowerSchool 8.0 is Coming Soon! You spoke – Pearson listened! Our annual back to school release, available [Read More]

PowerSchool 8.0

Exciting news! As always wait a few weeks to upgrade… and let everyone else find the bugs and problems. I’m going to wait at least to 8.1. PowerSchool Back to School Announcements PowerSchool 8.0 is scheduled for release in spring of 2014. In this release, [Read More]